Citrus Cumquat


In the early nineties, Engall’s and another leading citrus nursery, re-named the Calamondin, the Australian Cumquat, as most Australians, when referring to a cumquat meant this variety. It is by far the most popular grown cumquat in Australia. It is a fantastic, bushy, dense foliaged tree, making it ideal as a pot specimen, or standardised into a topiary ball or even used as a hedge. The fruit when ripe, mid winter, are a bright orange colour, making a fabulous display against the green foliage. For a cumquat, the fruit can be quite large, up to golf ball in size. Although the fruit can be eaten straight from the tree, this is certainly an acquired taste, as they are very acidic and sour. The fruit is mainly used in jams and marmalades or preserved in Alcohol to make tasty brandies and liqueurs. Fruit is also used for its ornamental value in floristry.

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