Backyard Landscape Case Study: Cardinal Street Beecroft

Project details

  • 400m² of turf
  • 16 tonne of turf underlay
  • Bobcat was used to level the backyard
  • Private backyard
  • Family friendly

Key goals

  • Turf backyard
  • Level out the slope of the soil
  • Add wetting agent and fertilise the soil
  • Build a treated sleeper timber wall
  • Restore the existing fence
  • Add planter boxes and planted shrubs

The challenge

In this backyard landscape case study, we will review a recent project in Cardinal Street, Beecroft. The back garden area was a complete mess after the construction of the new house. The builders pushed the road up to the back by excavating and dumping it on site instead of levelling off. As a result, where the soil had been dumped from the excavation of the house, we had to drop the levels and move the soil forward to create an even slope to connect it to the lower level, thus removing the road.

Our clients wanted the space to serve as a child-friendly backyard, practical for kids to play on.

Our approach

  1. Level the ground: The goal was to integrate the two levels by creating a slope between the two.
  2. Adding top soil: As the soil was composed mainly of clay, we brought in 16 tonnes of topsoil to ensure that the turf would grow.
  3. Turfing: We laid 400m² of Soft Leaf Buffalo turf to the backyard. Soft Leaf Buffalo turf will grow in part shade to full sun.
  4. Fencing and restoration: We restored and painted the existing fence with Woodlands Grey. This created a subtle framework for the garden. We built treated sleeper walls to create planter boxes in which we planted Gardenias and ground covers.
  5. Garden decoration: We planted Lilly Pillys as a screen to the areas with no fence. These gave a sense of complete enclosure to the backyard.

A beautiful backyard landscape case study…

We created a family friendly backyard that integrated the various levels as one, towards the house. The before and after of the backyard, are hardly recognisable.
The final result exceeded our expectations and it turned out to be a wonderful backyard.

This landscape makeover has been highly successful and a quality asset for the entire neighbourhood. In fact, when comparing the before and after pictures of the Cardinal St Beecroft the place is hardly recognisable.

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