Backyard Landscape Case Study: Cardinal Street Beecroft


Project details

  • Private balcony
  • Low contrast
  • Noisy roofline view
  • Silver Travertine tiles with a French pattern

Key goals

  • Soften the roofline view
  • Create an interesting and balanced contrast
  • Choose low maintenance and weather resistant plants
  • Introduce strong features and colours into the balcony

The challenge

The Cardinal Street Beecroft is one of our most phenomenal renovation projects to date. When we started, the balcony had just received a landscaping job, where gorgeous silver Travertine tiles laid in a beautiful French pattern replaced the old terracotta tiles.

We had a lot of freedom to renovate the place and just a few guidelines to follow. The clients requested a soft roofline without actually breaking the view itself. There’s a building in the background, so the goal was to mask that element and focus the attention somewhere else.

Additionally, our botanic choices had to consider the winds from the North West and the hot waves during the summer. The brief also stated that everything had to be very low maintenance. After all, both clients are business people, who have very little time to water and maintain the plants.

Finally, we decided that a balanced contrast and interesting colours would bring a completely new appearance to the balcony.

Our approach

  1. Softening the roofline: The goal was to create a new focus for the roofline view, which has a front view to another building. We added a large pot in the middle, just to switch the focal point and bring the eye forward a little bit.
  2. Weather resistant plants: We selected a decent range of plants that tolerate moderate winds and strong heat waves. We used mostly succulents, such as different coloured Jades, as well as some Dragon trees.
  3. Low maintenance balcony: The decision here was to create an extremely low maintenance balcony. Besides the succulents, we also added some pots with a golden Sedum and another Sedum with little pink flowers.
  4. Balanced contrast and ambience: In order to establish a balanced contrast, we have strategically selected different shapes and sizes of pots. We have placed most of them on the sides to create some depth and improve the ambiance.
  5. Powerful features across time: The initial look we planned will intensify as the plants develop and grow overtime. This will create a more pleasing impact with powerful features in the future. Besides, the roofline noise should decrease too.

An impactful balcony renovation case study

As one of our favourite projects, this balcony renovation case study turned into a strong visually appealing outdoor space.

We were able to use a contrast in style, with astonishing and beautiful results. Moreover, we highlighted the textures of the parts opposed to the tiles and enhanced the overall balcony design. We also created a very interesting effect with all the pot and plant diversity.

In the end, we challenged ourselves to go beyond the brief requirements and come up with a truly impactful balcony.

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by Marta Branco