Balcony Renovation Case Study: Manly

Project details

  • Private balcony
  • Feature plants and pots
  • Hide the neighbouring property roofline without obscuring the view
  • Compliment the Silver Travertine tiles which are laid in a French pattern
  • Use low maintenance plants

The challenge

At this idyllic Manly location, the balcony had undergone a renovation, where the old terracotta tiles were replaced by gorgeous silver Travertine tiles, laid in a French pattern.

The client requested that we soften the neighbouring property roofline without obstructing the harbour view.

The balcony is facing due north, and is potentially exposed to winds from several directions, so therefore it was critical that the plants chosen could handle these conditions.

The brief also stated that everything had to be very low maintenance as our clients were business professionals who have very little time to water and maintain the plants.

Our approach

  1. Soften the roofline: To soften the roofline of the neighbouring property, we placed the largest pot in the centre to break up the roofline and used a cluster of pots of various sizes to bring your eye forward to take away the focus of the building behind.
  2. Plants: We selected a range of plants that tolerate moderate winds and the hot sun. We used mostly succulents, such as different coloured Jades and Dragon Trees with underplanting of ground cover succulents. The ground cover succulents create high impact with both colour and texture. Eg Golden Sedum.
  3. Contrast and ambience: We selected pots of different shapes and sizes and placed them on the sides of the balcony to create a sense of depth and improve the ambiance.

A stunning balcony makeover case study

We were able to create a strong, visually appealing outdoor space. As the plants mature and grow, they will create a bigger impact and contrast.

Would you like to renovate your balcony?

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