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Grand Waterfront Property in Longueville: Front Garden Case Study

Project details Waterfront property exposed to high wind Create a sense of grandeur Improve appeal of the house from the street frontage Key goals Select plants that can withstand winds Create two tone colour theme (white and green] Create balance between the large two-story home and the landscape environment Design a grand front door entrance […]

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10 Tips for Designing a Courtyard Garden

Are you thinking about designing your courtyard garden? Do you already know what elements you want included? There are several points you need to consider before designing a courtyard garden. It’s important to understand that enclosed garden spaces include visions of architectural balance, shady corners, stately containers and personalised nature retreats that settle on interior […]


Concrete and cement – on trend and bringing the outdoors in

The fine line between the indoors and alfresco is quickly disappearing, as more interior designers and landscapers employ techniques and choose products which make the transition between the two areas virtually seamless. The popularity of our concrete outdoor furniture and cement outdoor furniture cannot be underestimated. We sell these pieces for indoor and outdoor use. […]