5 Things You Should Know About How To Cluster Pots

Pot clustering is a unique way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space, whether it be your garden, a patio or balcony. “Pot clustering” is an idea of clustering multiple pots, birthing a new gardening term called “containerscaping.” Sometimes also called “potscaping,” containerscaping is a hybrid buzzword for landscaping with container plants.

Whilst pot clustering is a relatively simple way to create a huge impact, things can start to look awkward if you don’t follow a few key landscape design rules. Here are my top five simple tips about how to cluster pots to ensure you get an eye-catching result!

1. How many pots will you cluster?

The first thing to consider is the size of the cluster. Typically, you will need, 3, 5 or more pots. The number of pots you choose will depend on the purpose. For example, are you planning to create a standout feature in a certain area, or do you need a small cluster in the corner hiding the air conditioning unit?

TIP: Odd numbers tend to work better and look more natural than even numbers.

Pot Cluster Chelsea Pots

Featured in the images above are our award-winning Chelsea Pots

2. Pick the main feature

With pot clustering, you should have one big feature. Decide which pot and plant you will use as this feature and then work back from that. By doing so, this will draw the eye to the focal point but also offer a lot of beauty in the surrounding pots as well.

TIP: For an eye-catching feature plant, try an elongated plant or a flowering plant.


3. Mix it up!

The best way to create an impact with your pot cluster is to have varying shapes and sizes. Whilst the pots can be the same but in different shapes and sizes, you can also mix and match styles, materials, and colours. If you have limited space, you may want to use oval-shaped pots to create more mass without the pot taking up additional room or encroaching forward.

TIP: When selecting your pots, consider which colours, textures and styles will complement the space you have in your environment. Is it modern and clean? Is it traditional and decorative? Is it bright and light? Or is it neutral and luxe?

Featured in the images above are our Atlantis Pots

4. Decide on your plants

So now you have your pots chosen, it’s time to decide which plants to put in each. It’s important to consider your plant choice carefully, as you don’t want to ‘hide’ the pot behind with a plant that is too big. The idea is that the pots and plants should step down proportionally from each other. You may also want to consider contrasting the textures of the plants. For example, mix hard spiky leaves with soft smaller flowers. Another idea would be to pick a plant theme colour and repeating it in all pots.

TIP: Add an extra layer to your bigger pots by adding trailing plants, such as a Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’, so they spill over the edge.



5. Test it before you plant it

If you are concerned about whether your display will look good or not, consider arranging your pots and plants BEFORE you pot them. This gives you the flexibility to try different combinations and arrangements until you are happy with the result.

TIP: We can assist you to do this in our showroom – so you can feel confident before committing to a purchase!


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Need help with ideas for how to cluster pots?

If you would like to get a question answered or access our garden consultancy services to make the perfect pot cluster for your garden, balcony or patio, give us a call to arrange a free consultation.


Rose Quartz and Serenity… the current colour trend in pots

For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity have been chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year. The colour gurus at PANTONE pick these two shades as being the perfect antidote to modern-day stresses. These welcoming pinks and blues promote mindfulness and create a balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and a sense of order and peace.

pantoneof-year rose-quartz serenity


The arrival of our new Enviropots at Mosarte colour not have come at a more opportune time! We are delighted to say that the range captures the on-trend PANTONE palette, and sets this range of lightweight pots apart from the rest. Our new Enviropot range is exciting because the pots are made from earth-friendly recycled plastic and bamboo. Their heavy duty construction is strong, sturdy and light weight. They are UV-protective  so that the five stunning colour choices are guaranteed for five years.



Did we mention that these stunning pots and planters come in seven different cool shapes and 19 different sizes?


Let’s Talk About Atlantis and Pots

Around 350 BC, Plato wrote about  a beautiful island in the Atlantic ocean that disappeared under the waves one night. Though fictional, there are some who believe that Plato based the myth on actual events – and so for years, people have been looking for this mysterious lost city of Atlantis.

The age, beauty and functionality of the type of pottery that may have been used on an everyday basis in the mythical location forms the basis and inspiration for the Atlantis range of pots at Mosarte. Drawing inspiration from Plato’s ancient tale, we can imagine the sea-savaged relics and their condition having been submerged in the ocean for thousands of years.

Atlantis dipping jar

Though newly manufactured, the textures and glazes on our Atlantis pots reflect an ancient grace, unearthed by excavation and time. The shape of the vessels relate to the functionality the pieces would have had in ancient times. Larger decorative pots. Water fountains. Water Jars and urns for bathing and drinking. Smaller vestibules for dining, drinking and dipping.


Each piece has been twice fired to create the stunning textured exterior finish… a lasting recreation of the ravages of the sea. This technique in during fabrication has often been copied though never matched. These unique and beautiful pots are handmade by artisans using earthenware clay. All feature pots are high fired for strength and durability which makes the suitable for all climate extremes. No two are alike. And that adds to their beauty.

You won’t find Atlantis pots everywhere – but you will find the complete range at Mosarte!



Arranging Pots and Planters for Impact

The positioning of your outdoor pots and planters makes a huge impression – it can either make or break the total “look” you are setting out to achieve. Here at Mosarte, pots and planters are what we do best… so here are our top  tips for creating the “wow factor”

Consider the space you are decorating.  Do you have a long blank wall you are trying to soften? The regular spacing of identical pots in a row, with identical climate suitable plantings, creates repetition, harmony, and order.

Our Chelsea Pots pictured below add elegance to this otherwise bland pool wall. The uniformity of the pots is emphasised by their reflection in the pool water, making the whole scene pleasing to the eye.




Is it a small courtyard that would benefit from a single focal point? For maximum impact, you cannot go past our Swisspearl Aladdin Pot pictured below potted with a single tree that compliments the surrounding architecture. It fills the space both vertically and horizontally, with decorative pebbles adding spectacular contrast.




Are your pots serving a function? Pots and planters are not just to look pretty! Often they act as a privacy screen or emphasise the edge of a particular zone in your outdoor space. We have pots at Mosarte that are designed specifically for the purpose – cleverly designed pots like the Twista Pot range pictured below can be positioned together to create a visually mesmerizing display. The unique shape of the pot, combined with the uniformity of position and planting make the complete effect a stand-out!



Uniformity is not your thing? Why not consider a cluster of pots in varying shapes, sizes heights and plantings? Sticking to the same colour range of pots looks eclectic without looking mismatched. The Chelsea range (pictured below) comes in various heights, shapes, and widths, allowing the pots to be positioned in a tiered effect, maximising the visibility of foliage and creating interest.



Have fun designing the garden of your dreams with pots – and if you need any assistance, the team of landscapers, horticulturists and designers at Mosarte are here to help. Remember – there are no rules,  the best thing about pots is that you can move them!