Craig’s Gardening Tips – Roses

Rose Iceberg


1.  When pruning Roses you should always create a ‘vase’ shape which helps ventilation and stops disease. If there are any new ‘shoots’ below the graft, they should be removed.

2. Any ‘dead’ or ‘black’ wood cut them out, as they could be diseased.

3. Any branches that cross each other, remove the smallest branch or the branch in the way in order to create a ‘vase’ shape.

4. Spray Roses with Lime Sulphur as this will help with black spot and kills any disease on the bush but don’t spray if the bush is already ‘shooting’ new leaves as it will burn the new leaves.

5. Dig some cow manure around the base of the rose bush and sprinkle the bush with a good handful of Rose food. Roses are the hungriest feeders in the garden!

6. Mulch around the base of the bush with either lucerne and/or sugar cane, which will help hold the moisture in the soil in the summer months.


red-rose bouquet

by craig

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