Popular Rattan Furniture – An Increasingly Choice Among Many Homeowners

Many people make the mistake of thinking that rattan furniture is the same as bamboo or cane furniture. However, the two are quite different. For instance, rattan is not hollow as bamboo is from the inside.

The material for making the popular rattan furniture comes from a tropical Asian climbing plant or vine, found in over 600 species across Africa, Asia, and Australia. Typically, rattan grows in the rain forests.

For years, workers have used rattan for making mats and baskets and other items of furniture. Using natural items for making furniture enhances its environment-friendly appeal.

However, rattan furniture manufacturers have enhanced the quality of their products by infusing them with high quality and timeless designs. This is why you could come across rattan outdoor furniture in homes, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, poolsides and even, sunrooms.

This type of furniture has been on the rise among many Australian homeowners in the last decade. And that’s no surprise. With so many advantages, it’s only normal that customers switch their preferences when it comes to decorating their outdoor spaces.

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