Private Backyard Design Case Study: Freshwater

Project details

  • Private backyard
  • Family friendly
  • Modern and private concept

Key goals

  • Transform the backyard completely
  • Remove trees and stumps
  • Remove dangerous old walls and vegetable gardens
  • Level the ground and plant turf
  • Plant trees

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The challenge

In this private backyard design case study, we will examine a project at Freshwater. We were met with a challenge, as the backyard was full of Privet Trees, numerous unkempt vegetable gardens, old roots, and a lot of rubbish. Additionally, old paver walls and bricks were falling down in the backyard, which made it dangerous.

The brief was to transform the backyard into a private, modern garden with enough space for children to play.

Our approach

  1. Excavate: An excavator was needed to take down the walls and remove the bricks, rubbish, roots, etc and to flatten the garden.
  2. Lay turf: We filled the entire backyard with turf that just slopes through without the need for walls.
  3. Create a backdrop: In order to create a backdrop, we planted Murrayas on both sides of the backyard. We also chose Lilly Pillies for the back as they provide amazing colours and are low maintenance.
  4. Create a modern look: We painted them with Woodlands Grey to create a modern look. We also added some plants along the front of the fence to make it look and feel more refreshing.
  5. Create privacy: In the back part of the yard, we added —– red tip and Lilly Pillies to increase the sense of privacy as they grow over time.

A Private Backyard Design Makeover

The old and shallow Wyndora Avenue Freshwater backyard became a practical and beautiful space with a modern feel. This complete makeover was a tremendous success.

We’ve turned a backyard filled with rubbish into a welcoming and beautiful space. On top of that, we made it suitable for kids to play and added a sense of privacy.

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Would you like to renovate your backyard?

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