Private Garden Design Case Study: Hill Street Roseville


Project details

Private property, small front courtyard
Formal garden concept
Low maintenance

Key goals

  • Create a formal garden with a layered structure
  • Choose plants and trees that are low maintenance
  • Plant new turf
  • Create a sense of privacy

The challenge

After house renovations, the builders left a blank canvas. This meant we had a nice level courtyard with excellent street access, which made it convenient for deliveries.

The client’s brief for the landscape and garden design, was a formal concept but low maintenance, with privacy and screening from the neighbours and the street.

Our approach

  • Lay new turf: The client wanted a ‘fine’ short lawn, so we laid Queensland Blue Couch, which is best in full sun and can go ‘off’ in cold weather or winter.
  • Privacy or Screening: To increase privacy, we added Little Gem Magnolias near the Boundary fence. These trees change over the years and bloom white flowers during spring. Their dark green leaves with rust underneath create a wonderful backdrop. The Snow Pears were used to create a ‘pleated’ look above the timber panelling and create a subtle screen that it would in itself, be a feature as much as the timber panelling.
  • Formal garden: We selected plants based on the contrast between foliage colour and the shape of the leaf. We picked mostly white flowers for the sharp crisp look, and which will flower throughout the year. Framing the lawn in a kidney shaped pattern, we planted a Buxus hedge to create a formal look.
  • Create depth and dimension: We created a layered garden featuring New Zealand Rock Lilies, Gardenias, Camellia Sasanquas, Cycads, Little Rubies, Snow Pears and Bicopa.. The different sizes, shapes and colours of the plants helped in achieving depth.
  • Seasonal colours: We played with the seasonal colours to create contrast. We chose the colour white as the dominant flower colour as it stands out more in a courtyard. We used various shades of green and grey to give contrast and a sense of depth to the courtyard. The outcome

From an empty space, we transformed the location into a beautiful, formal show garden which is low maintenance, except for the pruning of the hedge and mowing of the lawn.

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Craig Schofield

by Craig Schofield

Craig Schofield is the founder and owner of Mosarte. A qualified horticulturist and entrepreneur - he owned The Mosman Gardener from 1995-2010, then decided to refocus his business on garden design products and outdoor furniture, hence Mosarte was born. Now, Mosarte has expanded to encompass landscaping design, pot design and other bespoke services, such as horticulture consultation. Craig is a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture (MAIH) and he has been designing residential and commercial gardens for over 30 years.