A&C Decorative Pebble Hanging Planter


Angus & Celeste have designed a planter for those who enjoy irregularity and the beauty that comes from asymmetrical yet harmoniously balanced shapes. That planter is the Decorative Pebble Hanging Planter. Aesthetically unique, its form is organic yet functional. The A & C Decorative Pebble Hanging Planter is the ideal plant home for those who view the world from a different angle.

The happy and joyful Green Nasturtium design will liven up any space with its vibrant green colouring.

Versatile and perfect for a variety of interiors, the Gold Speckle design is perfect for lovers of all that glitters and shines.

The Silver Serpent Decorative Pebble Hanging Planter combines a popular A & C design with a new and unique planter shape to bring a new perspective to a beloved image.

Complete with our signature cable system, drainage hole and plug, these planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.