A&C Folia Relief Plant Pot


The delicious leaves of the Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera adansonii sparked the inspiration for the ‘Folia’ print. This original A&C botanical pattern includes inspiration from other fascinating plants such as the Fishbone Fern and Watermelon Dischidia. The playful, raised relief pattern captures great botanical details and elegant textures.

For an added bonus, we have designed the Folia Plant Pots to be self-watering. Wow! Aesthetically appealing and functional! The deep water-catchment tray allows you to keep water topped up while you are away or if you live in warmer climates.

This planter boasts a generous drip tray for no mess indoor gardening. Add a plant to this planter pot and you have a match made in heaven.

Size: 20cm D x 20.5cm H.
Colour: White, Soft Pink, Coral and Olive Green.