A&C Jelly Hanging Planters


Arguably one of Angus & Celeste’s most recognised and enduring designs, the Jelly Hanging Planter celebrates 10 years in production. Channelling a 50s retro design aesthetic these planters are available in 7 pastel shades.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw elaborately shaped jellies as glorious table centrepieces. Fascinated by such beautiful shapes, Angus & Celeste created this functional series of hanging planters to bring a unique, playful feel to your garden or home environment. Highly crafted in stained high-fired porcelain, and carefully glazed inside and out, these planters are sure to look fresh for decades to come.

Versatile in their application, these hanging planters can be used inside and out with our trademark stainless steel cabling system. Suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor plants, let these unmistakable shapes add a touch of colour and fun to your foliage!

What’s included?
• High-fired glazed porcelain bowl with drainage hole (1.2kg)
• Stainless steel cable set:
Cable Pack C
Hangers: 46cm length
Extension cord: 50cm length
• Silicone plug for drainage flexibility

Our Hanging Planters are durable and easy to care for.

• All Angus & Celeste Hanging Planters are designed to be directly planted into, without the need of a nursery pot and can handle direct contact with water and all types of soil.

• After potting up, rinse off excess soil with running water. A damp, fiber-free sponge can also be used.

• Drainage hole at the base for easy watering, with rubber stopper included to allow for drip-free indoor use.

• Includes our signature clean-look cable system made from durable stainless steel and an optional use extension cable to suit high ceilings.

• For deep cleaning between repotting place through a regular dishwasher cycle.

• Hanging Planters can be installed with ease into exposed timber or stud work underneath plaster ceilings by using a sturdy galvanised nail or metal threaded timber screw hook, easily obtained at your local hardware store.

Dimensions: 200mm Wide x 100mm High.