A&C Jelly Plant Pot


To coincide with the 10-year anniversary of Angus & Celeste’s original hanging jelly planters, we are proud to present the Jelly Plant Pots! Adding to our stable of truly original, designer plant pots, this new planter design celebrates a decade in production of our enduring and quirky ‘jelly’ inspired shape.

The Angus & Celeste Jelly Hanging Planter has been a main stay of the Melbourne ceramic planter boom since it began in 2011. Channelling a 50s retro design aesthetic, these planters are available in 7 pastel shades. Highly crafted in pigmented high-fired porcelain, and carefully glazed inside and out, these planters are sure to look fresh for decades to come.

Boasting a generous planting volume and complete with a matching scalloped drip tray that mimics the pot shape, this plant pot not only looks amazing but keeps your plants thriving and healthy! This exciting plant pot is bold enough to speak for itself, and will bring a fun and playful aesthetic to your growing plant collection.

What’s included?
• High-fired pigmented porcelain pot with drainage hole
• Matching scalloped drip tray
• Clear glazed inside and out

Our Plant Pots are durable and easy to care for.

• All Angus & Celeste Plant Pots are designed to be directly planted into, without the need of a nursery pot and can handle direct contact with water and all types of soil.

• After potting up, rinse off excess soil with running water. A damp, fiber-free sponge can also be used.

• Compatible with many common plastic nursery pots. Check our product dimensions.

• For deep cleaning between repotting place through a regular dishwasher cycle.

Dimensions: 215mm Wide x 160mm High