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Nearly every part of the coriander plant is used. It is consumed for its leaves, stems, seeds and roots. Each section of the plant offers a different flavour.
Coriander is native to the Mediterranean, though its usage quickly spread throughout the world.
The fresh green seeds have an unsavoury smell that disappears when dried to a sweet and spicy flavoured small pale brown seed. Coriander is considered a member of the carrot family.

Coriander has a distinctive zesty, aromatic flavour, similar to a blend of lemon and sage.
Coriander leaves are best added at the end of cooking or as a garnish on dish as heat can reduce its potency. The flavour of coriander leaves are quite distinctive people generally love or dislike the flavour.

The aroma is refreshing, soapy, piney, slightly lemony aroma with mint and pepper overtones.

Coriander is an essential ingredient in Thai, Mexican, Moroccan and Indian cuisine and is at home in curries, salsas, stir fries, tagines and fajitas. It marries beautifully with chicken, beef, chilli, lemongrass, garlic, mint, fish sauce and soy sauce.