Kentia Palm


The Kentia Palm is native to Lord Howe Island (Australia) and cultivated there. The seeds are also sent to and cultivated in other countries including, the Hawaiian Islands. It is said to be a vulnerable species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and can be found on their red list for it’s vulnerability.

How it looks and displaying: From the feather type palms group this one has wide fronds (leaves) which do not arch as much as the Belmoreana. These fronds look lush and can grow up to a foot long, making them in need of enough space where they are displayed. They look the part sitting within a conservatory, office or hallway and add an exotic look to any room.

Easy to grow: You will see with the care instructions below that these are as easy as plants can get for a grower to care for and maintain. They are forgiving plants that can take some neglect, although that’s not recommended. They are also slow growers that will not need re-potting each year, like many others.