Magnolia Little Gem

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Magnolia “Little Gem” is a dwarf variety of the evergreen magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), but only a quarter of its size. It is a compact growing, evergreen small tree, perfectly suited to the home garden as a specimen plant in lawns, garden beds, as a hedge or even in large decorative pots.

It has large white perfumed flowers with shiny green leaves with a rust coloured reverse.

  • Needs well-drained soil
  • Position in full sun or part shade
  • Mulch to keep the roots cool and moist

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200mm Pot Plant, 300mm Pot Plant, 300mm Adv Pot Plant, 400mm Pot Plant, 400mm Adv Pot Plant, 500mm Pot Plant, 75 Litre Adv Tree, 100 Litre Adv Tree, 200 Litre ADV Tree

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