Grand Waterfront Property in Longueville: Front Garden Case Study


Project details

  • Waterfront property exposed to high wind
  • Create a sense of grandeur
  • Improve appeal of the house from the street frontage

Key goals

  • Select plants that can withstand winds
  • Create two tone colour theme (white and green]
  • Create balance between the large two-story home and the landscape environment
  • Design a grand front door entrance area

Our approach

1. Trees: We had to consider a Magnolia that was in the front garden because the wind was burning the leaves, which reduced the appeal of the garden at the front of the house. For this reason, we transplanted it to a more protected area in the back garden and replaced it with Snow Pears, creating a sense of grandeur to the front entrance of the house from the street.

Front Garden Case Study - Trees section


2. Wind Resistance: To protect the smaller plants along the driveway and create a windbreak, we planted a mature hedge of Japanese Buxus that was approximately 1 metre high. Snow Pears are also wind resistant, so were a perfect choice for this garden.

Front Garden Case Study - Wind resistance section


3. Balance and layers: Snow Pears were also selected to create height in the garden and create balance between the two-story house and the garden. To create balance between the plants, we used a smaller Buxus hedge, approximately 25cm high, down the path to the bottom of the steps.

Front Garden Case Study -  Balance and layers section


4. Colour and Contrast: Snow Pears have a beautiful white flower in the spring and they also create grandeur to the front entrance of the house. We used Iceberg Roses throughout the garden, as they can withstand the wind and love the afternoon sun that this garden receives and they will flower 8-9 months of the year. As a lower plant around the Iceberg Roses and Snow Pears, we used tricoloured Jasmine, to create the contrast in colour between the plants, from the lime green of the Buxus and the dark green of the Roses.

Front Garden Case Study - Colour and Contrast section


5. Grand Entrance: To perfectly frame the front entrance of this Hampton style home, we selected two Magnolia trees, planted in large Alfresco Low Round pots. Garden beds on either side of the door contained clay soil with no topsoil. Flowering plums were planted here, with English Large Leaf Ivy as a ground cover around the base of the flowering Plums. This created a sense of contrast between the burgundy colour of the Plums and the dark green of the Ivy.

Front Garden Case Study - Grand entrance section


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Craig Schofield

by Craig Schofield

Craig Schofield is the founder and owner of Mosarte. A qualified horticulturist and entrepreneur - he owned The Mosman Gardener from 1995-2010, then decided to refocus his business on garden design products and outdoor furniture, hence Mosarte was born. Now, Mosarte has expanded to encompass landscaping design, pot design and other bespoke services, such as horticulture consultation. Craig is a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture (MAIH) and he has been designing residential and commercial gardens for over 30 years.