The pomegranate is an attractive deciduous large shrub/small tree, with gorgeous glossy leaves that change from red to apple green with the seasons.

Beautiful scarlet flowers start in late spring and continue into summer – and under suitable conditions, the fruit should mature 5-7 months later. High temperatures are essential during fruit development for a good flavour. The fruit mature between March and May can be picked a little before full maturity and ripened in storage.

Pomegranates should be planted in full sun and like long, hot summers – although it sets more fruit after a cold winter. It is very drought resistant but grows better with a good supply of water. It will tolerate a range of soils, from lovely and loamy to tough and clay.

  • Trees do not bear well until 5 to 6 years old
  • Grows up to 5m high
  • Prune in winter
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