About us, The Mosarte Story

Deb Meyer - Landscape consultant Sydney

Founded 2010

The Beginning

Mosarte began life in 2010 as a boutique North Shore based garden nursery.

Quickly becoming known as the place to buy high quality plants & pots on Sydney’s North.

The demand for their unique pot & plant design thrived & Mosarte’s range increased to include both modern & classic design.

From Nursery to Design Studio

As each design project became larger, Mosarte develops into a full landscape design company. Incorporating their expertise in designer pots and plants with hardscape design.

Recognising that clients wanted their gardens to be functional outdoor living sanctuaries, Mosarte introduces a designer outdoor furniture consultancy. This starts the shift in design philosophy towards gardens as relaxing outdoor living spaces.

From North Shore to the whole of Sydney

Mosarte’s client base expands beyond the North Shore as the “outdoor living sanctuary” philosophy resonates with more Sydney homeowners. 

Mosarte’s garden design extends to the Eastern Suburbs, The Hills District & Northern Beaches. Creating a broader range of design concepts including Modern Coastal, French Formal, Zen minimalist & Balinese Tropical.

2024 –  Change of name & new partnership 

Mosarte changes name to Mosarte Garden Living. Better recognising their unique outdoor living approach to garden design. 

The Mosarte team welcomes Anthony Meyer as Managing Director & Deb Meyer as Senior Design Consultant.

Further cementing Mosarte’s design philosophy with Anthony’s 25 years of furniture & design experience & Deb’s award winning garden design & creativity.

To discuss your outdoor living sanctuary –  email: sales@mosarte.com.au or call 02 9907 2299.