Zoysia Grass


A perennial favourite for no mowing enthusiasts, Zoysia tenuifolia is a low growing grass originating from South East Asia. There are several Zoysias but the Zoysia tenuifolia has the finest textured leaf and is the only one considered to be no mow. The variety is known under several names including Mascarene grass, Korean/Japanese velvet grass, Temple grass, No mow grass, Kourai grass and even Petting grass (as people like to touch it)! Zoysia tenuifolia grows very slowly to about 10cm in height making it ideal for alternative lawns, gardens or on slopes.

It has very fine bladed, deep green leaves that have a high thatching characteristic forming lush, soft, gentle mounds. Zoysia provides a fantastic interesting architectural feature with its undulating appearance.

It is available in 140mm and 200mm pots. Contact us if you are interested in buying Zoysia in rolled turf form.

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140mm, 200mm