Add Colour and Personality with Adirondack Chairs

The Adirondack chair is a simple chair made of wood or man-made materials, generally used outdoors. Originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, it features a straight back and seat and wide armrests. The advent of various man-made materials have allowed for this style of chair to be made from polymers and other hard impact plastics

The first Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee while vacationing in  Westport, New York in the Adirondack Mountains. Needing outdoor chairs for his summer home, he tested his early efforts on his family. After arriving at a final design for a “Westport plank chair,” he offered it to a carpenter friend in Westport in need of a winter income, Harry Bunnell. Bunnell saw the commercial potential of such an item being offered to Westport’s summer residents, and apparently without asking Lee’s permission filed for and received U.S. patent in 1905.

The chairs are typically now made out of pine and other inexpensive woods. Other variations include those sold at Mosarte – made from high-grade polypropylene. The polypropylene is hard and tough it will not soak up water (your main enemy when talking about outdoor garden seating) An added bonus? It will not collect mold spores.




Adirondack chairs are remarkably recognizable, and unflaggingly popular. Their endurance shouldn’t be too much of a mystery: simple, comfortable and unpretentious. The extra-wide armrests can be used so many different purposes. A great place to rest your coffee, or beer!

You can spend a long time sitting in one without feeling achy. The reason for this is the angles of the seat and backrest. A good Adirondack chair spreads your weight evenly throughout your back and upper legs as you lean back at an angle. It is much more comfortable than sitting perfectly upright, which would put all your weight on your rear end and lower spine.

Mosarte’s range of Adirondack Chairs are UV resistant, durable, made in Italy and have a five year warranty. They are available in a rainbow of colours to add visual interest and impact to your outdoor space – Choose from Pink, Lime, Taupe, Orange, Aqua and White. View the range by clicking here.









Outdoor Cushions – Why So Special?

We sell a lot of outdoor furniture at Mosarte, usually made from Teak or Concrete. These surfaces, whilst durable and stunning in their own right, do tend to be hard – and monochrome! We often find that our customers like to accessorise, personalise (and soften!) their outdoor area.

Outdoor Cushions are the answer – vibrant fabric adds personality and colour in an instant! Outdoor scatter cushions serve the same purpose as indoor scatter cushions – aesthetically and functionally. They look great, but can also provide comfort and support. Your choice of cushion sets the tone for your outdoor space and reflects your individual style. Outdoor cushions, just like their indoor cousins, enable you the flexibility to change the look and feel of the setting for minimal cost.


The current trend is all about mixing and matching. Chevron (Zig Zag) and striped patterns are our most popular because they mix, match and contrast so well together. The bold use of colour and striking patterns compliment each other, but look equally as an impressive solo! Many customers choose their Outdoor Cushions based on the surrounding environment – hues from the pool, plants, landscaping elements … these are all valid factors to consider.

What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor Cushions?

The important difference is that outdoor cushions have been UV treated to be fade resistant, as well as being made from weather and mold resistant materials. These treatments ensure the cushion will last for a long period of time – outdoor cushions have a great return on investment! To view Mosarte’s range of outdoor cushions click here.









The Types of Furniture You Could Choose for Your Garden

As mentioned earlier, having the right furniture in your garden can make it look visually pleasing. Many modern houses today come with both, an outdoor space as well as a garden. For many people, the garden is a place to indulge their creativity. It is a place to unwind after a day of hard work.

It is a place where you could spend some time in the company of your loved ones too before you head indoors for watching television or having dinner. Yet, your outdoor space also plays another important role.

Entertaining your visitors indoors is a necessity in the harsh weather conditions you experience during the winter months. However, in the comparatively pleasant months of summer, you could entertain your guests in your garden too.

This is why you need to give due attention toward purchasing the right furniture for your garden. The most common types of furniture available for your outdoor spaces include:

  • Plastic Outdoor Furniture: This is among the most recent entrants in the outdoor furniture market. It is highly durable and inexpensive. This furniture is ideal if you prefer simple looking furniture. Furthermore, plastic furniture requires no maintenance and is completely waterproof as well. However, if you want your outdoor spaces to exude an elegant and stylish look, plastic furniture might not be appropriate for you.
  • Metallic Outdoor Furniture: When they purchase metallic furniture, people often prefer furniture made of cast iron. While this is expensive, it exudes a classic look, which enhances the aesthetic quotient of your property. Typically, your outdoor tables and chairs remain exposed to the elements. This increases the chances of damage they face. However, manufacturers often use an assortment of alloys when they make metallic furniture. These make your furniture rustproof as well as easy to maintain.
  • Wooden Outdoor Furniture: Wooden furniture offers immense variety in terms of providing a contemporary or a traditional look. Traditionally, people preferred purchasing outdoor wicker furniture for their gardens and patios. However, recently rattan furniture has gained in popularity. It has a beautiful design. This nullifies the need to purchase other decorative accessories. It exudes a stylish and elegant look. It is also inexpensive. However, when exposed to damp conditions, wooden furniture can experience bacteria and mold attacks. Hence, you need to take great care of your wicker outdoor furniture.

How the Right Furniture and Pots Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Outdoor Spaces

During this phase of settling in, people spare no efforts in beautifying their home and making it more than just liveable. People take a great deal of pride in their homes. As such, they embellish it with various home décor accessories and furnishings to make it comfortable and visually appealing.

Having a lawn on the property is the fond desire of several homeowners. In the summer months, sitting on your lawn and watching the sunset can be a great experience. Many people spend a vast portion of their lives indoors – whether at home or at the workplace. Therefore, spending time in the bosom of nature can be a rejuvenating experience.

The right patio furniture can make your outdoor space look aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. If you wish to enhance this further, you could always arrange your garden pots in a specific manner to heighten the effect. In addition, having shrubs like the Magnolia Little Gem could enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Imagine stepping into an ocean of green in your naturally fragrant garden, interspersed with various flowers and plants of different shades! However, to relish these moments of peace and tranquillity, you need the right outdoor furniture. Without it, these images would be nothing more than idle daydreams.

Invest in the Best Garden Furniture for Beautifying the Outdoor Spaces of Your Home

People often spend several years in looking for – and finding – the house of their dreams.

Finding the perfect house is not just about finding a house at the right price or in the right location. It is also about being able to experience a feeling of belonging to the house.

Given the numerous parameters associated with purchasing a house, acquiring that dream home is nothing short of a miracle. It must be the right size. It must not require too much repair.

It must be in the best location possible i.e. centrally located from the major landmarks in the town. It must have a garden at the front or the back, or in both places.

It must fit into the buyer’s budget too. However, once the parties close the deal, the lengthy process of settling in commences.

So, don’t forget that while choosing your house, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the outdoor space.

Tips for Purchasing Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture is lightweight and strong. As such, these traits make it ideal for rough use in outdoor spaces. Rattan furniture usually has a soft texture as well. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for children too. When purchasing Rattan garden furniture you should consider the following tips:

  • Look for furniture made from a rattan stem that has a large diameter (approximately one inch), as this indicates a sturdy stem.
  • Purchase rattan furniture that has a smooth texture and does not have hair like strands.
  • Rattan usually comes in various qualities, with the best quality having a smooth texture and the lowest quality having a rough texture. Opt for the best quality of rattan furniture always.
  • Purchase rattan furniture from reputed dealers and suppliers who offer a minimum of 12-months’ warranty on the items you purchase.

Opt for furniture that has designs that use a lot of fiber, as these will provide greater durability. Moreover, you should select rattan furniture designs that provide options for including a cushion, which will be comfortable for sitting as well as convenient while cleaning.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing Rattan garden furniture then take a look at our online store.

What are the Associated Rattan Furniture Benefits?

One of the biggest rattan furniture benefits lies in its versatility. You can use this furniture both, indoors and outdoors. In addition, its durability makes it a cost-effective purchase too. For instance, experts suggest that fabric furniture usually lasts for a few years, while leather furniture lasts for not more than seven years. In contrast, rattan furniture can last you for 15 to 25 years.

In addition, maintaining your rattan furniture is hardly difficult. All you need to do is to wipe it regularly with a dry cloth (or a wet cloth in case of spillages). Thereafter, leaving it to air-dry will keep it in prime condition. Avoid excessive use of water, as water can damage your rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture is not just inexpensive and lightweight. Its hand-woven designs make it highly aesthetic in terms of its appeal too. If you’re looking for an easy way to furnish your outdoor spaces and make them stylishly elegant, rattan furniture is just what you need. Because it can handle rough use, rattan is highly appropriate for outdoor use.


Popular Rattan Furniture – An Increasingly Choice Among Many Homeowners

Many people make the mistake of thinking that rattan furniture is the same as bamboo or cane furniture. However, the two are quite different. For instance, rattan is not hollow as bamboo is from the inside.

The material for making the popular rattan furniture comes from a tropical Asian climbing plant or vine, found in over 600 species across Africa, Asia, and Australia. Typically, rattan grows in the rain forests.

For years, workers have used rattan for making mats and baskets and other items of furniture. Using natural items for making furniture enhances its environment-friendly appeal.

However, rattan furniture manufacturers have enhanced the quality of their products by infusing them with high quality and timeless designs. This is why you could come across rattan outdoor furniture in homes, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, poolsides and even, sunrooms.

This type of furniture has been on the rise among many Australian homeowners in the last decade. And that’s no surprise. With so many advantages, it’s only normal that customers switch their preferences when it comes to decorating their outdoor spaces.

Get Your Hands On Our Most Popular Rattan Furniture

If you’re looking forward to buying some amazing new Rattan furniture for your garden or courtyard, then browse our shop. You can also contact us directly or give us a call!

What are the Various Kinds of Furniture that People Use in their Gardens and Backyards?

As mentioned earlier, Australians are waking up to the charms of utilising their outdoor spaces for entertaining their guests. For this, they need various kinds of furniture, including quality outdoor tables and chairs to extend their living space.

However, with so much to choose from it can be difficult to come up with a beautiful and catchy combination. Keep in mind that you don’t simply need various kinda of furniture, you also need furniture pieces that contribute towards a general look.

If you were to drop by the shop of any furniture supplier, you would be astonished at the variety on offer. Some of the most common varieties of furniture for the outdoors includes Cast Aluminium Furniture. This will be much lighter than cast iron furniture. In addition, it will not rust over time.

Various Kinds of Furniture That Will Help You Decorate Your Outdoor Space

  • Wooden Furniture: For many people, teak is the material of choice when it comes to outdoor furniture. Teak is extremely weather resistant. In addition, is environmentally sustainable too. This is why teak remains one of the best hardwoods, despite the presence of other durable wooden materials.
  • Synthetic Rattan Furniture: Many homeowners prefer using natural rattan furniture. However, the synthetic variety offers higher levels of weather resistance. This is especially so because manufacturers use ultraviolet treatment methods for enhancing the durability of synthetic rattan furniture.
  • Wicker Furniture: These items are ideal for outdoor use because they are low maintenance products. In addition, they come in a wide range of eye-pleasing designs, which makes them immensely popular.
  • Some people also use modular outdoor sofa sets and glass tables in their gardens. These items do not have sharp edges in their designs. In addition, they are extremely lightweight and durable. You could consider using any of these items to adorn your outdoor space.
  • To complete the look, consider rounding it off with garden pots, outdoor cushions, mini-tables, benches etc.

Invest in the Best Rattan Furniture to Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

How familiar are you with rattan furniture and outdoor space decoration? People often invest a lot of time and effort in purchasing the right furniture for their homes. It is worth noting that in many cases, visitors to a house notice the furniture when they enter a house. This is probably because furniture tends to consume a large amount of space in any room.

Therefore, it exerts the biggest influence on the visual appeal and the décor of the space. Entertaining your guests in the comfort of the indoors is perfectly acceptable when the weather isn’t fine. However, sitting outside on your lawn on a pleasant day can be an enchanting experience too.

In Australia, many homeowners are now turning their attention to their lawns and backyards. As the concept of entertaining visitors in the garden continues to make headway, homeowners are looking for ways to spruce up their outdoor spaces. Many homeowners believe that the best designer outdoor furniture can liven up your garden like nothing else can.

But in the end, it’s all about how you style and decorate your spaces. There are, of course, certain types of furniture that can help you achieve the result you want in a faster way.