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Submit your DA or CDC with Detailed Landscape Garden Plans By Mosarte 

Landscape Plans for Council DA - Mosarte Garden Living

Landscape Plans For Council DA

Looking to lodge council plans for a new house or development in Sydney?

Your local council will need professionally drawn landscape plans for your DA or CDC.

These plans must be tailored to specific council regulations that vary across Sydney. 

Fortunately Mosarte’s landscape plans are designed to match the architecture of your home and pass all the council regulations FIRST TIME.

DA and CDC Landscape Plans

Mosarte Landscape Plans Inclusions?

Our landscape plans are drawn to scale and include the various elements tailored to council requirements.

These may include:

  • Site analysis and area calculations
  • Existing and proposed site levels
  • Proposed retaining walls
  • Hard and soft surface treatments including driveways
  • Location of existing services such as drainage
  • Location of existing trees to be retained or removed
  • Planting layout
  • Planting plan & schedule –  Botanical & common names & suggested pot sizes
  • Typical planting details
  • Private Open Space Areas
  • Environmental statement
  • Erosion control plan

What Our Customers Think

Why use Mosarte For Your Landscape Plans?

Mosarte has developed a great reputation in the industry for landscape plans that are approved by council FIRST TIME.

Our plans are not just perfect for council – they are designed to match the architecture of the property. So they can be used after the construction process without modification – saving additional cost and time.

Our team of professional Sydney landscape designers are qualified to complete the following plans:

  • Landscape Plans for council DA approval (Development Application)
  • Landscape Plans for CDC approval (Complying Development Codes)
  • Landscape Plans for a developer’s Design Review Committee approval

Council Landscape Plans - Service Areas

Mosarte provide garden design & landscaping plan services across these areas of Sydney

Development Landscape Plans - FAQ

The requirements for DA or CDC landscape development plans are based around satisfying local council development regulations.

Mosarte’s landscape development plans include positioning the key elements of your garden to match the architecture of your home. This is combined with the other design elements to meet council guidelines and regulations for a fast approval process.

A full garden or landscape design is more tailored to the lifestyle of the homeowner. 

The Mosarte full garden design starts with an on-site consultation and a  client brief. There is considerable time spent ensuring the final design meets client expectations with tailored design according to the brief. This doesn’t require complying with the same council regulations as council development plans.

Sydney planning laws have changed recently with the environmental concerns playing a larger part in the planning process.  This is partly a reaction to larger houses and smaller garden sizes reducing the natural habitat in our suburbs.

The council’s garden & landscaping regulations play an important role in maintaining green spaces for native vegetation and wildlife to exist in urban areas. They also have benefits for the local community by improving the infrastructure for future living.

DA/CDC Landscape plans for local councils deliver many lifestyle & environmental benefits. These include:

  • Increasing energy efficiency standards for your property
  • Improving stormwater runoff to minimise localised flooding
  • Improving the quality of the air for the region

  • Improving Localis habitat for plants & animals
  • Improving privacy from neighbours and passers by

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