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Drought Tolerant Plants For Pots That Create Visual Impact and Add Colour To Your Garden, Courtyard or Balcony

Drought conditions and water restrictions don’t mean that you have to go without colour and beauty for your garden, courtyard or balcony. With our water-wise tips and drought tolerant plants for pots suggestions, you have plenty of options to choose from.  First, follow these top 3 tips! Tip 1: Large pots are more ‘low-maintenance’ than […]

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Autumn Gardening Checklist

Sydney’s cooler days and nights are creeping in and you’ve probably noticed your plant growth starting to slow. You may be relieved at not having so much constant gardening maintenance compared to the summer months – but autumn actually provides the perfect opportunity for getting your garden in tip-top shape for winter and well into […]

Courtyards and Balconies, Garden Ideas & Tips, Outdoor Pots

5 Things You Should Know About How To Cluster Pots

Pot clustering is a unique way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space, whether it be your garden, a patio or balcony. “Pot clustering” is an idea of clustering multiple pots, birthing a new gardening term called “containerscaping.” Sometimes also called “potscaping,” containerscaping is a hybrid buzzword for landscaping with container plants. Whilst […]

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Garden Ideas & Tips

Top 8 Garden Tips for Spring

With the winter chill finally starting to disappear, your garden is starting to come to life. The whiff of spring is in the breeze with flowers blossoming all around. So, if you have been lying dormant with your gardening during the winter months, now is the time to get busy to ensure your garden shines […]