Let’s Talk About Atlantis and Pots

Around 350 BC, Plato wrote about a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean that disappeared under the waves one night. Though fictional, there are some who believe that Plato based the myth on actual events – and so for years, people have been looking for this mysterious lost city of Atlantis.

The age, beauty and functionality of the type of pottery that may have been used on an everyday basis in the mythical location forms the basis and inspiration for the Atlantis range of pots at Mosarte. Drawing inspiration from Plato’s ancient tale, we can imagine the sea-savaged relics and their condition from having been submerged in the ocean for thousands of years.

Atlantis dipping jar

Bringing You The Ancient World With Modern Techniques

Though newly manufactured, the textures and glazes on our Atlantis pots reflect an ancient grace, unearthed by excavation and time. The shape of the vessels relate to the functionality the pieces would have had in ancient times:

  • Larger decorative pots
  • Water fountains
  • Water Jars and urns for bathing and drinking
  • Smaller vestibules for dining, drinking and dipping


Each piece is twice fired, a technique during fabrication has often been copied, though never matched. This creates the stunning textured exterior finish and also adds to their strength and durability. As a result, they are suitable for all climate extremes. What also makes these pots so unique and beautiful is that they are handmade by artisans using earthenware clay. As a result, no two are alike – and that adds to their beauty!

The Complete Range of Atlantis Pots

Atlantis pots are a lasting recreation of the ravages of the sea. You won’t find Atlantis pots everywhere but you will find the complete range at Mosarte!