Arranging Pots and Planters for Impact

The positioning of your outdoor pots and planters makes a huge impression – it can either make or break the total “look” you are setting out to achieve. Here at Mosarte, pots and planters are what we do best… so here are our top  tips for creating the “wow factor”

Consider the space you are decorating.  Do you have a long blank wall you are trying to soften? The regular spacing of identical pots in a row, with identical climate suitable plantings, creates repetition, harmony, and order.

Our Chelsea Pots pictured below add elegance to this otherwise bland pool wall. The uniformity of the pots is emphasised by their reflection in the pool water, making the whole scene pleasing to the eye.




Is it a small courtyard that would benefit from a single focal point? For maximum impact, you cannot go past our Swisspearl Aladdin Pot pictured below potted with a single tree that compliments the surrounding architecture. It fills the space both vertically and horizontally, with decorative pebbles adding spectacular contrast.




Are your pots serving a function? Pots and planters are not just to look pretty! Often they act as a privacy screen or emphasise the edge of a particular zone in your outdoor space. We have pots at Mosarte that are designed specifically for the purpose – cleverly designed pots like the Twista Pot range pictured below can be positioned together to create a visually mesmerizing display. The unique shape of the pot, combined with the uniformity of position and planting make the complete effect a stand-out!



Uniformity is not your thing? Why not consider a cluster of pots in varying shapes, sizes heights and plantings? Sticking to the same colour range of pots looks eclectic without looking mismatched. The Chelsea range (pictured below) comes in various heights, shapes, and widths, allowing the pots to be positioned in a tiered effect, maximising the visibility of foliage and creating interest.



Have fun designing the garden of your dreams with pots – and if you need any assistance, the team of landscapers, horticulturists and designers at Mosarte are here to help. Remember – there are no rules,  the best thing about pots is that you can move them!