Balcony Garden Design Service Case Study – Beecroft Penthouse


Project details

  • Penthouse location with views to the city
  • Display home for sale
  • Balcony garden design service required to transform outdoor balconies

Key goals

  • Design contrast against the black wall
  • Create impact on a tight budget
  • Provide privacy from neighbouring apartments
  • Transform the balconies into functional outdoor living spaces

The challenge

Being a penthouse apartment, it was essential that we considered the southerly winds on both balconies. Any plants we chose had to withstand wind and also be low maintenance, as the property did not have any residents living in it at the time. Developing a sense of privacy was essential, as it would increase the value of the property when potential buyers came to view it. The challenge here was the tight budget – mature plants were required to create a screen, so we had to be very selective with our plant choice.

Our approach

1. Privacy screening: The best way to create instant privacy was to use large advanced trees. For this location, the perfect choice was to use some beautiful little Gem Magnolias.

2.Outdoor furniture: To transform both balconies into functional outdoor living spaces, we used Oslo furniture on the smaller balcony, while on the southern balcony, we placed an Alfresco dining table. This particular table was a good choice as it is made of cement, making it quite heavy, so it won’t blow away in the wind.

3.Contrast: The apartment had black feature walls on the outside. This provided the perfect backdrop to create a striking contrast with colour and texture. Tiny Trev Lilly Pillies into Atlantis egg pot to create a contrast against the black wall. Tiny Trev is a great little plant that has a dense compact growth habit, making it perfect for hedging and topiary. It requires little pruning to get the desired result.

3.Low maintenance: Each of our plant choices were wind tolerant, low maintenance and would not require too much watering. We planted each of them in large sized pots, so that they would hold more moisture and would be less likely to dry out. The plants do not require any pruning. The only attention they need is some slow release fertiliser once per year and ensuring regular watering during the heat of summer.

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Craig Schofield

by Craig Schofield

Craig Schofield is the founder and owner of Mosarte. A qualified horticulturist and entrepreneur - he owned The Mosman Gardener from 1995-2010, then decided to refocus his business on garden design products and outdoor furniture, hence Mosarte was born. Now, Mosarte has expanded to encompass landscaping design, pot design and other bespoke services, such as horticulture consultation. Craig is a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture (MAIH) and he has been designing residential and commercial gardens for over 30 years.